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The Botswana Federation of Public Private and Parastatal Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU), says that following some assessments carried out by its regional teams, it has emerged that some schools are not COVID19 compliant. BOFEPUSU Secretary General, Tobokani Rari told Yarona FM news yesterday, that there are signs of some schools that are not ready for the […]

Jwaneng Town Council is bracing for a possible increase in need for psycho social support services, following the abrupt cancellation of a Majwe mining contract by Debswana recently. The Chief Social and Community Development Officer, Letang Mbaakanyi said the department will be hands on in offering counselling on a case by case basis, depending on […]

The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security, says that the Agriculture sector recorded a bumper harvest during the last ploughing season despite the COVID19 pandemic and the locust outbreak in some parts of the country. Speaking in a press briefing this morning Permanent Secretary in the ministry Jimmy Opelo said the COVID19 pandemic and […]

Jwaneng Town Council has raised concerns about rising incidents of livestock theft in the area. Station Commander Thuso Basuti said livestock such as cows, donkeys, sheep and goats are stolen while they graze by similar culprits. He said the thieves seem to have taken advantage of movement restrictions which have led to minimal movement, to […]

The Botswana government has urged neighbouring countries, to contribute to the payment of cross border transporters’ COVID-19 tests. Botswana has been testing regional truck drivers alone since last year, however, trade came to a standstill last week as the country protested footing the bill for cross-border transporters’ Covid-19 testing alone. The Trans-Kalahari Corridor Secretariat Executive […]

Jwaneng Town Council says a plot has been identified within the town for the construction of houses for residents set to be relocated from the infamous Samaphaleche location. Jwaneng Mayor, Olga Ditsie, said that Samaphaleche housing is currently dilapidated, and has previously lead to an uproar by residents who called for new housing. Ditsie said […]

The whole point of digital music is the risk-free grazing” Cory Doctorow, Canadian journalist and co-editor and of the off-beat blog Boing Boing, is an activist in favor of liberalizing copyright laws and a proponent of the Creative Commons non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon […]

Chances are, you are already ruining your potential to succeed in the music industry because you believe in one or more music career myths. How do I know? I am sent e-mail messages on a constant basis by tons of musicians (all seeking the answers to the WRONG questions). These are questions that may seem […]